Updating home for spring

Spring is almost here and as the season changes we brace ourselves for warmer days, blooming flowers, outdoor dining and a chance to spruce up our spaces. This is a wonderful time to freshen up and perhaps even upgrade our spaces. This means we get rid of the old redundant stuff we do not need and in with the new and the refreshing items. However, if you are in the habit of collecting items this is the right time to evaluate and sort out your stuff. We have rounded up a few tips which might come in handy if you are considering changing your space.

Update your fabrics

Choosing to replace your wintry fabrics with bright and airy ones can have a huge impact. You can consider changing your curtains, sheets, towels and covers. Opt for light and soft materials that will transform your spaces.

Bring the outside into your house

Springtime gives us the opportunity to decorate our homes with blooms. You can opt for green plants that can be placed in vases, arranged flowers or hanging plants. Whichever you prefer, be sure that this will liven your space and add fresh fragrance.

Do away with the carpet

If your carpet is old and ruggedy then this is the best time to transform your floors to a clean and solid surface. It is hygenic since it is easier to clean and modern. You can add rugs next to your bed or in the room for some comfort.

More ideas to consider

  • Add a pop of color
  • Consider changing or replacing your furniture
  • Rearrange the room

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