Thing to Consider When Choosing a Bookcase

Books need a home. Gone are the days where we only store books on bookcases. Nowadays, you can put other home items besides books. Bookcases are used as storage facilities. With a little bit of art and photographs, you can achieve a style statement. When choosing a bookcase, where do you start? What are the things to look out for? There are many different plans which you can build your own.


Make sure the space you are working with will fit the size of the bookcase. Measure if necessary. Consider the headroom so that you don’t meet surprises when the bookcase is ready.


A bookcase will serve its purpose regardless of the material it is made of. Considering the type of material used is still essential because this will let you know how long the bookcase will last. One of the commonly used materials for making a bookcase is Plywood because they are durable.

Adjustable Shelves

Play around with different heights. Some bookcases come in a way that you can adjust them according to your preference. Adjustable shelves will allow you to switch up things and the freedom to change up your items.

Different brands have come together to come up with different types and designs of bookcases. An example is Tylko. Tylko custom makes a variety of bookcases for your everyday needs: Below are some of the types you can consider when buying bookcases.

Revolving and corner bookcases

These types of bookcases are space-saving. They can fit perfectly in corners and can be used to display both books and little pieces of art to add a relaxing effect to your home.

Ladder bookcases

These are simply ladders with shelves to hold books and other pieces of art. They can be of two types: Freestanding and learning. The lower shelf takes a larger space. The top shelves decrease in size as they go up. The top shelf is the smallest. This bookcase is triangular with four feet to stabilize it. Their feet have a rubber to prevent the bookcase from sliding.

Folding bookcases

Folding bookcases are units that fold up. They take very little space. It is a must for everyone as it is very convenient. You don’t have to disassemble in case you have to move. You pack your books and fold your shelf, and you are good to go.

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