Briana is looking for Local Wedding Vendors to help her with her wedding on 08/17/2019. Are you available?

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Name of Client: Briana

Where? On Sunny Slope Farm

Start Time? 08/17/2019 05:00:00 PM


Guest Count? 225

Male Attendants: 6

Female Attendants: 8


Total Budget? $20,000


Breakdown of Request:


Baking for Cake: $750

Baking per person: $3


Beauty per person: $125

Favors per person: $3

Caterer per person: $30


Event Coordinator: $

Event Décor / Styling / Lighting (per table):$18

Event Decor / Styling / Lighting (ceremony site and event space): $250

Florist per person: $

Florist Package: $1000

Food Truck per person: $



Photographer: $2200

Photo Booth: $295

Transportation Group: $

Transportation per person: $


Wedding Attire per person: $


Comments from couple seeking vendors:  We need:   1. Caterer for buffet style set up, preferably one that has plate ware, and silverware or we need an additional vendor for rentals.  We lean toward BBQ, but are open to options.      2.  Photographer: someone who is available for the full ceremony and reception who has creative ideas and is thoughtful about their photographs    3.  Cake: We are not positive we will purchase a cake, so we are trying to price it out to see if it makes sense.  It does not necessarily have to be enough to feed everyone, we are thinking about doing some combination desserts.  As for decor, lean toward something more simple like all white, if I would see some options and prices related to those options that would help me narrow down different designs.  For flavors I would like to know what flavors are available and what fillings and frostings are available.    4.  Florist: We are considering doing some of the floral arranging on our own, but want to see what prices would look like.  I don’t have specific flowers in mind, but wild flowers with blues, purples, pinks, and oranges are sort of the color scheme we are going for.     5. Photo Booth, we would love something with a cute background and fun props.    6. If you have vendors that rent flatware, plates, glasses, etc. I would love to see what they have.  Including runners and the color selections they have available for runners.    7. DJ we are thinking about having a DJ for some of the night and then a playlist for the rest, not sure how that would work out, but would like to start with general pricing and availability to see what options are available.    8.  Additional decor: I am still deciding what I want the centerpieces to look like so I am not positive what I would be looking for with this.