Mehma is looking for Local Wedding Vendors to help her with her wedding on 10/04/2019. Are you available?

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Name of Client: Mehma

Where?  On Sunny Slope Farm

Start Time? 10/04/2019 10:00:00 AM


Guest Count? 100

Male Attendants: 2

Female Attendants: 2


Total Budget? $25,000


Breakdown of Request:


Baking for Cake: $200

Baking per person: $3

Band: $300

Beauty per person: $100

Favors per person: $4

Caterer per person: $30


Event Coordinator: $450

Event Décor / Styling / Lighting (per table):$70

Event Decor / Styling / Lighting (ceremony site and event space): $2050

Florist per person: $15

Florist Package: $1000

Food Truck per person: $15

Musician: $130

Officiant: $300

Photographer: $1000

Photo Booth: $295

Transportation Group: $880

Transportation per person: $15


Wedding Attire per person: $350


Comments from couple seeking vendors:  I’m looking for a decor vendor who can help with some sort of colorful draping to decorate the chapel outside (similar to the Indian wedding on Sunny Slope previously). I’m also looking at decorating the interior of the tent with some draping, furniture & flowers for the reception.    I terms of a wedding cake, I’m looking for a vendor who can do a vegan cake.     Also, I’m looking for an Indian restaurant for my catering needs.        Looks like i’m not able to submit the form without budgeting anything for the following:  A band, dj, event coordinator, florist per person, food truck,musician, photo booth, transportation.     I do not need the above services but have indicated the minimum amount in the form in order to be able to submit the form.     Also, I’ve already hired a photographer & Videographer & have therefore indicated the minimum in order to be able to submit the form.     Thank you!